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Source Based Data Deduplication

Deduplication is a process that eliminates duplicate data files that are stored in a number of different instances or copy types.  While it has become an important process used to increase bandwidth speeds and storage space in corporations, choosing the type of process conducted will depend entirely on the number of application your corporation uses to generate data, the amount of data generated, and where you want the data to be discovered.  While there is both target based and source based data deduplication, many organization have transitioned to source-based methods for greater benefits and efficiency.

Target-based deduplication is the process of removing duplicate data once the data has reached the storage media.  Source level platforms are entirely the opposite and block-level duplicates during discovery prior to hitting storage media.  Because source-based platforms can save time deduplicating and increase bandwidth speeds, they are preferred over targeted-based programs.

Data deduplicate removal can save storage energy, backup and bandwidth costs up to thirty percent on a conservative average.  Because the efficiency of the process of deduplicating data on an entire file system or source, it is the preferred method in today’s technology.  Primary storage deduplication platforms are designed for optimal performance rather than the cost benefits that are associated with secondary storage deduplication.  While there are chances applications in use can hinder the performance of a primary platform, organization appreciate the higher level of deduplication taking place and may result to this primary platform as their storage solution of choice.  Determining which method is best for your organization will depend entirely on preference and performance expectations.  Consult a professional to determine which will work best for your purpose.

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